Ok so today is day 6 of potty training our 19 month old triplets. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning thinking we were going to try this "one day potty training" method. I read all about it yesterday and though we might give it a shot. The first part starts with a doll. My kids had absolutely zero interest in the doll. I suppose they are just too young for that method (or being 3 it just was too much) although some people did claim to have success around 20 months. Anyway I quickly ditched that idea but did try the whole reward aspect. Here is what I did: My kids love fruit so I got a bowl of grapes and strawberries and put it, along with a canister of gummy bears, on a shelf in the living room. Then I cleared the living room of most toys (left some balls, books, and a couple of dolls) and gated us in. I told everyone up front that if they went to sit on the potty and tried to potty they would get a grape or strawberry. Then if they actually went potty in the potty, they would get a gummy bear. I am not sure they fully understood until we got going with it though. Every fifteen mins I would usher the kids to their potties, give them a piece of fruit when they sat down and told them to try and potty. When they did go I would praise them and have them walk to the shelf with me to get a gummy bear. It didn't take long for them to catch on to this. I was very consistent with the every fifteen mins for the first half of the day and a little more laxed the second half (about every 30mins). Here is how everyone did: Haley again had no accidents but she still comes to me before going to the potty crying that she needs to go. The crying that she needs to go has lessened a little though. Trying to work on her just going to her potty.Two days accident free though makes mommy very proud. Caitlin had no accidents today! After a few "treats" she was taking herself and going potty by herself. I was so surprised and impressed. This is the first day that she has had no accidents. Criton I think really benefited from the treat/ reward and 15 min reminders. Boys can be harder to potty train so I just figured it was going to take  very long time with him. He made a 75% improvement today. He even started coming to the potty and sitting down on his own (which has never happened) and going only in the potty and not on the floor first and then the potty for the rest of it (which also has never happened). One time he even saw Caitlin get a gummy for potting in the potty and was upset when I explain he had to potty first. He ran to his potty chair, sat down, and after a few mins (and some sippy) he pottied and came for his gummy...lol.  We still had accidents but much much better today. There was also a moment I was helping Haley and he started peeing across the room and I said "no no Criton on the potty", he immediately stopped, ran to the potty, sat down, and finished. It was so funny. All in all this was a great day. I saw huge improvements in all of them and I am so proud of them. Potty Training Tips: 1. The reward system works. I highly suggest doing one treat for just sitting down and trying and another for when they actually potty. If you are concerned about all that sugar (as I was) then chose something healthy they love as the "sitting down" treat, like the fruit. Be consistent. 2. For at least the first few hours, have them sit on the potty every 15 mins. It not only helps detour some messes but also helps them learn to head to the potty. I think this was another HUGE part to our success today. I wish I had tried all this at the beginning. 3. I know everyone says not to scold for messes but there is a fine line. I didn't yell  but would just say "no no we potty in the potty not here" when I would catch Criton starting to go on the floor. I think this helped him more then the "it's ok". Something to think about. 4. Underwear. Depending on the age and the child this will either work for you or against you in the beginning. For us it is a complete fail right now. They treat it more like a diaper and can't get them down. So for now we are staying bare bottom which works for them. You just have to figure out what works for your little ones. Well it is time to eat and spend some time with my husband. Have a great night everyone! If you have any questions or suggestions just let me know!