I can not believe we have made it to the half way point of our first year! The days of feed, change, 1/2 break, then start all over, seem like an eternity ago. Haley: Haley is still our sweet, bashful, laid back baby. She rolls and scoots all over the place. She can sit but still need help.  She really seems more interested in being on her belly and working on crawling then anything else. I get worried sometimes because, unlike her siblings, she has no real desire to stand while being held, but put her in the jumperoo or her walker and she goes to town. She definitely beats to her own drum and wants to do things her way. She loves to play with the other two and laughs/ smiles all the time. She was the first to get her teeth and got 2 on her bottom front at the same time about 2 weeks ago. Caitlin: Caitlin was the second baby to get teeth and she has one on her lower left bottom and one on her upper right top that has started to poke through. She is the jumperoo champ of the three. It is her favorite ply station and she goes crazy in it. She gets some real height going and is the funniest thing to watch. She continues to be the instigator of the group. When she gets fussy Criton follows suit. Haley does unless it is during a meal. Then Haley just looks at her, flashes a huge smile, and giggles. Normally this might bother me if it wasn't for the fact when the were younger and Caitlin screamed, Haley got put down a lot. I wonder if that is what she remembers when she's laughing. Caitlin is sitting really well on her own but has her moments were she gets too excited and falls over. To prevent injury we surround them with pillows if we have more then one up at a time. Caitlin is also working on perfecting her standing and holding on to furniture. Criton: Criton is my giggle buddy. He loves to smile and laugh bout anything. He also loves to be tickled and play supper baby. He is getting the walker thing down, though he most stand up straight in it now which is so cute. He was the last to sprout a tooth last week and has his two bottom ones coming in as well like Haley.  He can say mum, mummy, dada, and daddy already. It's crazy but he even uses it correctly.  He is by far our best sitter and doesn't loose balance that much. He is also working hard with Haley on the crawling thing. It is just so cool now because they are at an age where they are interacting with each other. Michael and I love to sit back and watch they play together and babble at each other, smile, and laugh together. For those who might be wondering here is our current routine: 7am... Up for the day, diapers changed, get dressed 7:30-8am... Breakfast (baby food, between 12-16oz between the three of them) around 10am... Bottle (between 5-8oz) 12:30pm... Lunch (baby food, about 16 ounces between the three) 2-3pm.... Bottle (between 5-8 oz) 5pm... Bottle (they seem to be phasing this one out the past couple of days) 5:30-6pm ...Dinner (baby food about 16 oz) 7pm ... Bed time bottle and then bed Everyone is usually in bed and asleep by 8pm. In-between eating they usually take a short nap in the morning,  about an hour nap in the afternoon, and rotate play stations (jumperoo, walkers, rocking chairs with toys, floor with toys, parents lap) It makes for a tiring day on us but generally good days for them. Sleeping Through The Night.... Well that is a tough one. Haley is pretty good bout sleeping through most night but still occasionally gets up between 3-5am for a bottle. Criton will either sleep through the night, get up once at either 11pm or 3am (around), or he will wake up at both. Caitlin will either sleep through the night or wake up once between 3-5am. It's crazy and there is no rhyme or reason to any of it. It doesn't matter how they eat during the day, naps, how hard they play. Also we have never had a night where they all slept through. We tried lessening the amount in the night bottle but then they were all up at least twice. We look at it as, they will do it when they are ready, and until then we keep our shifts so we can get some sleep. It sucks at times, but it could be worse. Well off to play with the kiddos!