Well it seems like just as I get things figured out, something else happens and our world changes dramatically. I have a rare heart condition called IST. I have had it for about 8 years now. With a lot of work, I have had it controlled (no big issues) for the last 4 years, until after I had the triplets. I gained 31lbs of fluid in the last week due to pre-eclampsia and it was just too hard on my heart.  I have been dealing with a lot of heart arrhythmia issues and IST flare ups. The more I tried to push myself at work, the worse it got. So we made a life changing decision... I would stay at home with the children and become a stay at home mom and he would go back to the office (he was telecommuting) so he could make more money.  We got everything packed, found a house near his work and family, moved in, and now are trying to figure out how to keep our heads above water. Not having my income is not something we have dealt with before and is a major adjustment for us. With time and working a new budget we will figure it out though. We have been through a lot over the years and somehow have made it through everything. This will be the same. We tell each other all the time "As long as we have each other, our family, and love, we will make it through anything" and it's true. May not always be pretty, but we will get through. I will do updates on the children this evening... so much has changed in such a short time.