Well today was day three of having only one nap during the day. They have their brief sleepy/ fuss moments here and there but it's getting better. I am a little jealous because I keep hearing all these moms who say there kid is sleeping 3 hours during this nap. So far we are at one hour and thirty mins to one hour and forty five mins. They seem happier though, and it is still 30-45 mins more sleep during the day then they had been getting with the 2 naps combined. One thing I had not expected but has been nice, is that are sleeping a little longer at night. Nothing huge, but about 20-30 more mins a night. Yay! Anyway, it is looking good for our new schedule. I know there are a couple of people who either have or are going to be taking their children down to one nap a day. So I will try to keep everyone posted on the progress, any tips I come up with, and schedule adjustments.