Well Haley has been really sick the past two days. She started running a fever that got up to 102.8, and that was after giving her Tylenol. She was also really lethargic. I called Michael at work yesterday and told him I had to get her into the doctors office. So he came home and away we went. All the kids hate the doctor's. They always start screaming the minute one of the nurses or doctors come near them. Not fun. Anyway, the tested her for the flu but it came back negative. Her ears and throat looked good (thank God)and they said it was just a viral cold. So we have been trying to load her up on fluids to avoid dehydration. I think she is doing well taking in fluids but her fever has not let up at all. My heart aches for her. I hate one of my kids being sick and watching them be miserable. I would take their place in a heart beat if I could. I am crossing my fingers and hoping she feels better tomorrow. One thing that I did not expect: It is harder to just have one of them sick as opposed to all three. When they were all sick it was easier to comfort them all together. They were all miserable so you could do all the same things with them to help them feel better. With just Haley being sick, it was hard to comfort her in the way she needed, while the other two still wanted to run around and play. It was a juggling act Fri, but thankfully I had Michael here today which really helped. We took turns holding and coddling Haley and then running around playing with the other two.