Well Haley is finally started to feel better and the fever is gone... you would think things would have returned to normal... not here! For some reason she has had a bad attachment issue. She constantly wants to be held, and if she isn't she will throw herself to the floor screaming. She cries if someone other then Michael or I pick her up, has hissy fits in the car, and heaven help me if another baby comes over to hug or sit on my lap, she'll go ballistic. I just don't understand. She did get a lot of attention/ coddling when she was running a really high fever but it was only for a few days. I thought when she got feeling better that we would go back to our form of normal. It makes me feel awful to hear her scream and cry, but on the flip side of that, there are two other babies that need care, attention, and mommy time. I am hoping by sticking by our normal routines that she will get back into the groove and become my sweet, laid back, little Haley. I guess time will tell.