Wow so much time has passed since I did individual updates. Sorry if I repeat some of this... Haley: Haley is still my shy little hippie baby. Michael worries about her at times because she is not as crazy, hyper as the other two, but she is a thinker. She sits and figures out how things work. Her vocabulary is a little bigger then the other two and she catches on to things she's shown very quickly. She runs around with the other kids, climbs, laughs, chases, and so on, but she is a little more reserved. She has this amazing smile that she'll flash me right before she runs full force at me.  She did develop bad eczema and required some steroid cream to help calm it down. We have almost completed week one of it and she is looking great now! Caitlin: Caitlin is still very loud compared to the other two. Her laugh is loud and high pitched (one of the greatest sounds) and her cry is almost ear piercing (thankfully she doesn't do it as much now). She is my glue in the car. She sits in between the other two, passes toys back and forth, and holds hands. When we are at home though she is an instigator.  Always into something (usually right behind her brother) and loves to be the center of attention. She is definitely a Daddy's Girl. Once her enters the house or room it is all about him. She even gets vocal if I try to snuggle with him (we're working on that). Criton: Criton is ALL boy! He is constantly into everything. He pushes to find his limits all the time. He is also extremely smart (they all are actually). He'll be getting into something he knows he's not supposed to (the laundry basket) and when I start to shake my head and tell him "no", he throws me the biggest smile and shakes his head "no" and runs off giggling. He is a big climber and has started stacking things so he can climb on the couch and so on.  He is still my fastest runner but the girls are catching up quick.  He almost always has a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. He is the leader of the little group. The girls follow him everywhere, try to do what he does, and get into what he does. As far as the kids on a whole go: They have all been walking since 11 months and running for about 2-3 weeks now. They all are trying to climb up on the couch, pushing around the dinning room chairs and their snack table, throwing balls, play chase with each other, ride on their riding toys (and push each other around), and make ever diaper change a challenge! They are growing so quickly. We have gotten rid of all the bottles now and are set into our one nap schedule. We have also settled into our routine of getting in the van and picking up sister in the afternoon. I put their jackets in the living room, everyone grabs their jacket and waives it around until I put it on. Then they all wait at the gate for me to take them out and get in their car seats. It is so cute. We are all stir crazy with the winter weather. I ca not wait for the warm weather to come so we can go for walks in the park, play in the grass, and all those fun things! Spring... HURRY UP!!