There is  lot to catch up on so I will try to hit some of the highlights... Haley:  Haley is truly a firecracker. Since she is so shy, people tend not to see it, but she is hilarious!  She loves to instigate the tag game with the other children. She runs around laughing, tagging them, and gets them to chase her. She is also my biggest "talker". She loves to babble at her toys, the trees, us, the other kids, and so on. She gets so serious sometimes with what she is saying and I would love to know what she is saying, but her vocabulary isn't that big yet. She also still has a deep seeded love for paper, in all forms. When we go to Grandma's or the lake house she loves to carry around sticks. Criton: Criton is crazy as ever. He is obsessed with climbing. He will pull his riding toys around, set them up against desks, chairs, window seat, and stand on the riding toy to get onto the other things. On one hand it is very cute to watch him be so innovative, but on the other it causes a lot of trouble. He gets to things he is not supposed to (hence we had to recently super-baby proof) and I worry about him getting hurt. He has no fear and jumps or just walks off things like steps and the couch. We pile pillows and an old baby mattress in front of the the couch so when he does it he doesn't gets hurt, but I can't pillow every floor in the house! So needless to say he requires a close watch ;) Caitlin: Caitlin is still our little drama queen. She loves to be the center of attention but it is calming down a little. She loves to share with everything from toys to snacks with both the kids and us. It is so cute but then again, when she gets insistent on me taking a drinking of her sippy before she will... well it can drive you a little nuts. She is turning into such a happy toddler though. She is still loud but instead of screaming/ crying, it is laughing and screeches of happiness. They all love to dance and listen to music. It is so cute to watch. They bounce, twirl,  and Caitlin even head-bangs a little, lol. Their vocabularies get bigger and bigger everyday and are now even saying phrases like "good girl."They are definitely outdoor kids. They love going to the park, playing outside at Grandma's, and absolutely loved being at the lake. I won't lie, it is hard to take them out (out of the stroller) by myself right now. The girls are good about staying close but Criton loves to run in every direction. So park trips and such have to wait until I have a second pair of hands. We are converting the front porch into an indoor/ outdoor play area. It is an enclosed porch and fairly big, so hopefully that will give them a new "outlet" for their energy. They get so bored just hanging out in the house during the day. We do all kinds of activities, but they want to be outside so badly.  We have a small fenced backyard but we also have dogs, need I say more. We are working on using plates, bowls, spoons, and forks. It's going fairly well. I researched  a lot of the suction bowls/ plates but kept hearing reviews of how they didn't stick well for long so we went another route. I got some velcro, cut it into strips, attached one side to the bottom of their plates and bowls and the other to their booster seat trays. So far it has worked wonderfully. Criton is the only one that tries to bother with it and not very often. So for those out there that want a cheap fix that works, you might want to try this, before spending a lot of money of the suction bowls. Hopefully I will get some new pictures up soon. I have mostly been using my android phone to take pictures with when we are out and need to get those pics uploaded.