People are always looking at other people's schedules for ideas and comparisons so I will keep trying to post our schedule every couple of months. (I have numerous schedules at various ages on here already as well for those who need schedules in the first year) We didn't move times to accommodate daylight savings time, so our bedtime got later which has worked wonderfully for us... The kids wake up between 6:30-7am   We go downstairs, get sippies, diaper changes, breakfast, and get dressed 9am Snack time (if we go to grandmas or run errands we usually leave about 8am) 11am Lunch 12pm Nap time  They usually sleep for about 2 hours. 2-2:30pm  Snack time and get ready to pick up big sister from school. 5pm dinner  (on bath nights, bath is right after dinner) 6:30pm light snack 7:30pm Bedtime We let them have their sippies available all day. Snacks consist of fruit, fruit gummies, popcorn, puffs, yogurt, goldfish crackers, and things of that nature. As far as their meals go, they eat almost everything we do. They love roast, spaghetti, chicken, hotdogs, strawberries, blueberries, cereal in milk, and all kinds of vegetables. I try to make sure they have a meat, vegetable, and fruit at every meal. On bath nights we try to do some messier activities like "pudding play." I put a cup of pudding on their booster tray and let them "finger paint" with it. This is a very messy activity but they love it.