Caitlin has been obsessed with the pendulum clock in the living room for days now. She will climb up into my lap pointing at it and so I tell her it's a clock. Today she started saying "clock." So sweet. They are picking up things so quickly and their vocabularies are growing almost everyday. They are their own little people with their own distinct interests, but they stick together like peas in a pod. They may all be doing their own things in the living room but they will clump together when they do it. Criton and Haley have become obsessed with climbing. Climbing in and out of the toy box, climbing on their snack table, climbing into the dinning room chairs, and so on. Talk about your heart skipping a beat. I know they are testing their boundaries and exploring their world, but it would be nice if they had a little bit of fear so they would climb in bad places (like over tile floors). I don't worry about small falls, I worry about falling and hitting their head on the hard tiles, or falling from a high up place. That's an issue with toddlers. They have no fear of that until they get really hurt or out grow it... I am hoping for them to eventually outgrow it :) Their tag games are starting to get longer and louder. They will run around, chasing each other, laughing and screaming for over 30 mins at a time. I have learned that this is the best time to do dishes, fold laundry, or other minor little chores. I have always struggled (since the triplets were born) on finding time to get all the housework/ chores done throughout the day. My husband works so hard to provide for his family and I want him to come home to a clean house. This doesn't always happen, but I keep trying. We both agree that playing/ teaching/ taking care of the kids in number one priority. Thus I am thankful for those times where they find other activities to amuse each other so I can get other things done. We bought a really nice Peg Perego triple stroller this past Jan... but lately it hasn't seen much use. The kids are much happier and calmer in the stores if they get to ride in the cart. It has eliminated our "at the checkout meltdowns." If we are outside they want to be down walking/ running. They will twist, turn, and try it get out of the stroller restraints if I put them in. I know it is a phase and there will still be times I will use the stroller (like the zoo) but it bums me out a little. We get this really big comfy stroller and they don't want to be in it! My next purchase is going to be toddler restraints ("leashes"). I have known for awhile I was going to get them, just haven't picked them up yet. I know there are people out there that are appalled at this idea, but I would be willing to bet they have not raised higher order multiples. It's about safety, and when you have 3 little ones running in different directions, it is a necessity (IMO). So those who want to judge, judge away... I don't care. On a different note, I watched this extreme couponing show. I was floored by how much these people were saving. It really gave me a different perspective on using coupons. I love the idea of having these huge stockpiles of food like they do, but in our current house, I would not really have anywhere to put it. Also most of the people stated they spent hours a day working on their couponing... I just don't have that kind of time. So will I be one of those people who get $600 worth of food for $5, probably not, but I can save little bits here and there which is important. We are on a really tight budget and the kids (mostly the triplets) eat a ton, so wherever I can save I m going to try. Miche is going to prom at the end of the month!. We went and picked up her dress Saturday. She looked so beautiful in it. I can't wait to see her all done up. I missed out on all that when I was younger and want to make sure she doesn't. Those types of functions are important memories, and ones I want my kids to have. I can't believe she will be 17 this year! They grow up so quickly.  I will add some pictures of her in her dress after the 30th (the big night).