Today has been a good day. The kids got up around 6:45am and were in a really good mood. We drove sister to school, came home and played. We danced to all the Gummy Bear songs (you can find them on youtube by looking up "the gummy bear song), watched Rio, had a great lunch of peanut butter and jelly with strawberries and peaches, played tag, and talked more about potting. I had to do some running last night which left Michael alone with the kids. When I got back he said he thought the kids were ready for potty training. I asked him why and he told me that while he was sitting on the couch Criton came up, sat beside him, then laid down kicking his feet up to get his diaper changed (this has been a common thing lately with the kids). Then when he came back from throwing away the diaper Caitlin did the same thing. Too funny! So I have decided to make tomorrow our start day. I am nervous about starting the potty training on my own, but I think it might be better for Michael if I do :)  Hopefully day 2 (Sat) when he is home won't be as bad. I'll admit that part of my is nervous and dreading the mess, but a part of me is excited to see what happens. So be prepared to get an earful tomorrow! Right now the kids are napping and I am just trying to relax a bit. I have added some more things to the "Preferred Products" section and hopefully over the next week or so I will add more. I think it is important to share some of the products that we felt were very useful and that the kids really enjoyed. I hope this helps other moms and dads out there to find things that they will find useful. Well, time to go clean up and prepare for round 2 of our day!