Ok so I didn't get to blog yesterday so I am catching up on day 7 of toilet training... The girls were doing good yesterday morning. They still won't go to the potty without me but come to tell me. Criton is more difficult. I think it is definitely going to take a little longer for him to get the hang of it. His big thing seems to be distractions. If he is playing hard, watching something, or other people (like Dad) are around he doesn't do as well. I have had a couple of times where he comes to me to go potty but I still mostly catch him when he starts a little. Most of the potty training programs I have read about talk about keeping them bare bottom at home for quite awhile (some even up to 3 months). Here is an interesting piece of information that I started hearing from a lot of moms recently though. That they would keep the kids bare bottom until they had it down and then when they went to underwear they started having tons of accidents again and had to do a lot of the work over. So I did some more reading and called my pediatrician. Turns out, this is quite common. They said you should do bare bottom for 3 or so days for the kids to start to recognize the feeling of "having to go" and then switch to underwear. Now my previous experience with underwear and the kids has not been so great. They seemed to have more accidents in them then when they were bare bottom so I figured I needed to hold off on them. After hearing all that I think I was wrong. Toilet training is a learning experience after all, for me and them. So yesterday afternoon we went back to underwear. This seemed to help Criton a little more but my poor girls were having accidents a lot, which we had been 2 days accident free. I am not going to give up on it though because they can't be naked forever and I don't want to go through a worse regression period later. So we will continue on this route. I also decided to try something different when we went out. My first thought was putting them in diapers when we would leave the house but I don't want them to get confused or used to that. So I talked to some moms who cloth diapered their kids from the start (these children are usually potty trained at an early age). They suggested I try the 6 Pair Gerber Training Pants 3t Boys with the Gerber Brand 2 Pack White Waterproof PEVA Pant , 2T over the top of them. When you click on the links you can choose boy or girl and sizes from 18 months to 3T. They said to use these instead of diapers when go anywhere. They will save us tons on clothing changes, give the kids good protection but still the feel of underwear, and not have to use disposable diapers or training pants that can confuse them. So we went hunting for them today. We found sizes 2T and up at Babies R Us but no 18 months so we will have to order some for Criton. I am extremely committed to our path of potty training, and even though it is rough on me and requires a lot more work right now then even my normal day to day, I think it is worth it. The kids seem happier too. They fight me tooth and nail now when I put a diaper on for naps and bedtime. I still think it will take awhile for them to fully get it down but they will get there with time, encouragement, and a lot of patients. I will let everyone know how the Gerber pants go when we use them to go out next week.