There has been a lot of controversy over crib bumpers and as the kids get older and become mobile this becomes an issue. Pediatricians and other professionals say absolutely no bumpers due to the risk of suffocation.  That wasn't such a big issue when they weren't rolling and scooting, but since they started that it was dangerous not to have bumpers.  We would go in to feed or check on them during the night and find a leg or an arm sticking through the crib bars. So we started hunting for a solution.... We found the Breathable Baby line. It gave all the protection of a regular bumper but it is made with a breathable material. So if your child ever gets his face against it, he can still breath easy. They have a wide range of colors: green, blue, pink, brown, white, and black. Since putting them in the cribs we have had no more potentially dangerous incidents and they look really nice in the nursery. So if you are needing or thinking about bumpers I highly encourage you to check these out. We feel they are way worth the money. Below is a link where you can see the variety of colors, get more information on the product, and buy it cheaper then in the stores!