Well the last month or so has been crazy. The kids naps have been horrible! They would fight going down (playing and fussing for 10-20mins) and only stay down 30-45 mins. We moved their snack time around so they ate right before their naps (@9:30am & 2pm) which helped briefly but then, once again, we were back to napping horribly. So I decided to research everything again. The result was the same: drop a nap. Although dropping from 2 naps to 1 usually take place around 15-18 months, there are children who drop down to one nap at 10-12 months too. Some signs of readiness are: taking longer and longer to fall asleep for naps and/or bedtime, refusing to sleep at all, only staying asleep for a very short time and refusing to go back to sleep. Since being on a schedule is still important with the triplets I started asking some of the moms on a forum board I talk to what they meal times and nap time was like when they dropped to one. Most were extreamly helpful and gave me some good ideas. So today was the day, and it went like this: 6:40am the kids got up, went downstairs, got their milk sippies, got diapers changed, and watched Little Einsteins while I got breakfast together. Breakfast was about 7:30am. They had Cheese, blueberry pancakes, cereal, and apples. After breakfast we played in the living room and dinning room until about 9am. They had some juice and yogurt drops at that time. About 9:30 they got a little fussy so I opened the gate into the kitchen and let them play in there while I cleaned. They had a blast! We made lunch and ate at 11am (fish sticks, grapes, mixed vegetables, and peanut butter crackers with milk). 11:40 am Criton started laying around and rubbing his eyes so I took them up for their nap. They went down very quickly and slept for about 1 hr and 45 mins! I had hoped for 2-3 hours, but at least we were close. They got up looking refreshed, happy, and rearing to play. They had some puffs, water sippy, and we played. They were starting to get fussy/ hungry around 4:15pm so we had dinner early (@4:40pm). They had chicken, peas, pasta, apples, and milk. By the time Dad got home the kids were worn out. We were sitting happily and quietly in the living room watching the 1960's version of Scooby Doo. Michael was so surprised. No one was crying or being crazy. You could tell they were tired but they were a calm tired. I hope that makes sense to you. Anyway we opted for a slightly earlier bedtime tonight (6:30pm instead of 7pm) due to that, but they have been sleeping so soundly. More so then they have in quite awhile. Yes, I think this was our issue this whole time, but only time will tell. We'll just see how tomorrow goes.