I have seen many moms asking about finger foods.... When do they start eating finger foods? What do you start with? ... and so on. So I thought I would tackle this topic. It seemed like overnight the babies started refusing to let me feed them their baby food. At that point they ate mostly stage 2 and some stage 3 and were about 8 months old.  They would fight me tooth and nail, try to grab the spoon, and finally they just utterly refused to be fed. So naturally I turned to the internet to do some research... Turns out the babies were not refusing to eat, they were just refusing to let me feed them. So began our journey to Self-feeding. Some things to remember when starting to let your little ones feed themselves: 1. Bite size pieces. Make sure you cut everything into bite size pieces. 2. Even though it is hard at times, variety and balanced meals are important. 3. The mess is going to be unreal (especially with multiples). Either put down newspaper, a sheet, or highchair mat down under your highchair... it really does take a toll on your floor if you don't. 4. No Honey until they over a year old. Items to start with:  Scrambled eggs, cooked carrots (or Gerber cut carrots), Gerber yogurt bites, puffs, cheerios, steamed cut fruits, watermelon, ravioli (without the sauce), and other items that easily dissolve/ mush in the mouth. At first it will seem like more goes on the floor or in their lap then in their mouth, but as long as they are making it to their mouth then they are doing just fine. The more they practice, the better they will get.  I also suggest easy to clean (wipe off) bibs with a pouch at the bottom. Before we got those I was basically changing their outfits after every meal. With triplets and three meals a day... that equals a lot of laundry! Once they get the hang of it, they can eat pretty much anything we do. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, toast, waffles, pancakes, roast, hamburgers, pasta dishes, chunky chicken and noodle soup (strained) anything that isn't really crunchy. The babies have really gotten the hang of things and eat a large variety of foods... our next venture is using a plate, then silverware. Right now if I give them a plate they like to throw it off the table. Every step is a new challenge!