I wanted give some friendly advice to those about to be parents of multiples... First off, the first year is rough and the first 3 months is extremely rough. Communication is going to be the biggest key for you and your significant other to get through this without a lot of hurt feelings and pain. Sleep deprivation does strange things to a person, makes you cranky, you don't listen to others as well, you switch to survival mode... and only survival mode. 

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What our day looks like now: (10 month old schedule) The kids usually get up about 6am. I get up, get dressed/ ready and then get them out of their cribs at 6:30am (they happily play and giggle until then). Then we go downstairs, change diapers, and they play for a little bit while I make breakfast for them. 

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How time flies. Criton is walking a lot now. He still needs to work on balance but he is getting really good. Unfortunately for me he is also climbing everywhere as well. He'll stand on the top of toys so he can reach things on the tables better. He pushes pillows up against the couch so he can use those to climb up onto the couch (talk about scary for mommy). 

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I have seen many moms asking about finger foods.... When do they start eating finger foods? What do you start with? ... and so on. So I thought I would tackle this topic. It seemed like overnight the babies started refusing to let me feed them their baby food. At that point they ate mostly stage 2 and some stage 3 and were about 8 months old. 

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Well, since all the babies are standing and cruising all over the place, it was time to get some shoes. All the shoes we currently have are too big yet for them. Also after doing a lot of research, the specialists say that proper "walker shoe" are very important to foot growth/ development in the beginning. So we went to a special store that measures the kids feet and fits them with the perfect first shoes. 

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Well the babies are 9 months old and so much has changed with them over the last 3 months. Criton was our first to crawl and stand. He is constantly on the move. He crawls all over the place and is really fast. He also loves to stand and cruise along anything that he can, which includes the outside of his walker. 

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Well it seems like just as I get things figured out, something else happens and our world changes dramatically. I have a rare heart condition called IST. I have had it for about 8 years now. With a lot of work, I have had it controlled (no big issues) for the last 4 years, until after I had the triplets. I gained 31lbs of fluid in the last week due to pre-eclampsia and it was just too hard on my heart. 

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I can not believe we have made it to the half way point of our first year! The days of feed, change, 1/2 break, then start all over, seem like an eternity ago. Haley: Haley is still our sweet, bashful, laid back baby. She rolls and scoots all over the place. She can sit but still need help. 

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There has been a lot of controversy over crib bumpers and as the kids get older and become mobile this becomes an issue. Pediatricians and other professionals say absolutely no bumpers due to the risk of suffocation.  That wasn't such a big issue when they weren't rolling and scooting, but since they started that it was dangerous not to have bumpers. 

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I wanted this first post to be an apology to my readers. Since having to pick up so many hours at work and a hectic month with the babies, I haven't had the time to post anything. I had hoped to be able to do daily posts, but realistically, that is not feasible right now. So I am going to make a point to write at lest a weekly post. 

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