Up until about two weeks ago bedtime was wonderful. We started the bedtime routine about 6:30pm and everyone was asleep by 8pm. It was wonderful and very smooth, but that is a thing of the past. For the past two weeks the babies have insisted on feeding at about 5pm. Now that may not sound bad but it take about 30mins per baby and I feed one right after the other. 

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The way our house is set up is a little strange. There are three bedrooms on one side of the house, kitchen, living room, and dinning room in the middle, and the master bedroom/ partial basement on the other side. The master bedroom is 16x21. One side of the room has our bed/ bedroom furniture in it. The other side is set up as a sitting area/ office space. 

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I am a mom of triplets. Sometimes that thought amazes me. It is almost like it is unreal, even though I carried them inside me for 36 weeks and have taken care of them every day since they were born. Still, sometimes the thought can be almost dream-like. Even though there are days were 7pm (bedtime) can not come fast enough because it has been so exhausting or just a really bad day. 

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Haley has had an interesting 3 months of life so far. She currently weighs over 14.5 lbs and is in between 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothing. 3-6 months are tight and 6-9 month are a little long. I have a feeling she is going to be short like Miche and I. She was always my quiet little tumbler in the womb and that has held true out of the womb as well. She is very quite and content little one. 

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Caitlin has also come a long way in the past three months. She started out as our littlest baby weighting 6lb 3 oz at birth, and now she is our biggest baby at 15lbs! It is crazy. She had a lot of issues with reflux, colic, and gas early on but she has blossomed into a wonderful, happy baby. She still has her moments, don't get me wrong, but nothing like before. 

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Well Criton has come a long way in 3 months. He weighs almost 14lb now. He loves to sit up (not on his own yet) and his balance is getting pretty good, plays and talks to his stuffed lion, and hang out in the jumperoo. He is our little smiler and talker. Every time I turn around he has this huge smile on his face and if you get him going, he will talk your ear off. 

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The past  few days have been really rough, so I apologize for not getting to this sooner. First the swaddle update: By night four they were back to their old routine of just waking up once a night. Yay, success! They were sleeping much more soundly and really like to stretch out. So for those of you who are going through this or thinking about it... it just takes a little time for them to get used to it. Don't give up. Teething: the teething is going ok. 

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Well I have been saying for days now that the kids are teething. The drool reminds me of Hooch in the movie Turner and Hooch (for those of you that have never seen this is a must). Today was exceptionally horrible though. 

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Well it has been an exhausting few days... The night that I gave in and re-swaddled I learned something very interesting. It's not that they were being swaddled wrong, it's they have become impressive escape artists. At 3am that morning I went in to help Michael feed and Criton was completely out of the swaddle, on the other end of his crib, laughing. 

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You will find a good majority of parents swaddle their infants. It helps babies to feel more secure and helps with the startle reflex. Now the startle reflex is very interesting in that whenever there is even the slightest sound the babies arms will start to flail, which in turn wakes the baby up, and then they scream hysterically (at least mine do).  

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