Caitlin was born second and was the smallest baby. She weighed 6lb 3oz. She was Baby A in the womb. She laid all across the bottom of the uterus blocking the cervix. She was my kicker. When she moved she always seemed to be kicking like crazy. 

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Haley was first born and weighed the most at 6lb 7oz. In the womb she was Baby B and in the upper left hand side. She seemed to keep to herself and not really get into the kicking matches that Criton and Caitlin got going. 

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Just to let everyone know, all previous posts (January 2010 on back) are ones written during our pregnancy/ birth and imported to this triplets blog from our original blogpress site.  From here on out the content should look a bit more natural to the site.

Here is a quick baby update... We will give more delivery details later, just trying to cover the basics at the moment... Well, Criton and Haley are at home now and doing great. Everyone is still feeding every 3 hours and we are breast feeding and bottle feeding. They seem to be doing great and average 40-50 ml per feed. They are getting more alert and spending more time awake which is awesome. 

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This will be very brief but I will write a detailed version once we are home from the hospital on Thurs or Friday. We had the babies on Jan 20th (35 weeks and 6 days). Haley Jayne was born at 1:39pm and weighed 6lbs 71/2 ounces... Caitlin Iana Kay was born at 1:40pm and weighed 6 lbs 3 ounces... Criton Michael was born at 1:41pm and weighed 6lbs 6 ounces. 

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Went to the Doc today and got bad news. I gained 31 pounds in the last week (all fluid) and the protein level on dip stick was +3 to +4. Preeclampsia. Blood pressure is good though and no other signs, and all the babies passed biophysical profiling with flying colors.

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Well another sleepless night. You would think that after three weeks or so I would be used to it but it almost seems to get worse. It is ok though because I know we are nearing the end! Soon we will get to see and snuggle our little ones. We are watching closely for full blown Preeclampsia. 

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Well as of yesterday we have reached one of our large goals... 35 weeks. If we make it to next Thurs we would have reached all our goals for this pregnancy and anything else is gravy. I will say that everyday seems to bring it's own challenges. Everything at this point seems so much harder (walking around, sleeping, taking a shower, etc). 

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Well tomorrow we will be 35 weeks!.....yay.... I am so happy we have made it this far and am really hoping to make it to at least 36 which is next Thurs. I do have to say though, the further we get, the larger the babies get, the worse I feel... I can't sleep very well at all (about 1-2 hours at a time), moving around is just exhausting, laying in bed is really hard but so is sitting in the recliner. 

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Well they say everything is looking fine. The babies all passed their biophysical profiles with flying colors as usual (everyone was breathing up a storm). They don't seem too concerned with the swelling in my feet and were happy about Friday's test results. I took in another 24 hr urine today and should have those results tomorrow. 

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